• Back Relief Apron - Front Protection - AP-BR-ECON

Our Back Relief radiation safety apron provides frontal protection and comfort while maintaining maximum x-ray protection. It is designed to transfer the weight of the apron from the shoulders to the hips. The lead apron features a unique padded belt system constructed with a bonded elasticized panel that will not lose its shape. The back relief apron provides increased comfort and back support throughout the life of the apron and comes standard with thick shoulder pads, shoulder straps and a chest pocket.

Economy Features

Tired of over paying for aprons because they include things you don't need? Protech has designed the economy line with you in mind. Most manufacturers charge you for items such as pockets, thyroid collars, and embroidery even if you don't need them. We have removed all of those add-in costs items that you normally would be charged for. The result is an ultra low cost apron.

  • No Pockets
  • No Color Customization (Exterior, Interior)
  • No Embroidery and Logo
  • No Thyroid
  • No Vinyl and Print fabrics

Product Information

  1. Manufacturer - Protech Medical
  2. Model - AP-BR
  3. Protection Coverage - Front Protection
  4. Closure - Optional Velcro | Standard Buckle
  5. CE Marked
  6. Time to Ship - 1 - 4 weeks (Summer 1 - 2 weeks)
  7. Contact us for Custom Sizing 
  8. Returns

Radiation Protection

  • Front - Standard 0.50 Lead (Pb) Equivalence
  • Back - N/A
  • Core Material Options - Lead (ST), Light-weight lead (LW), Lead-free (LF), Premier Lead-Free (PR)
  • Core Material Thickness - 0.50, .35, and .25 Lead (Pb) Equivalence

Sizing Information

Apron Size Chart

Apron Measuring Instructions

Lead Protection Options

Standard Lead

Our standard lead option is the heaviest of the four core materials we offer. Though heavy, pure lead vinyl is the most affordable material and consistently provides protection over a wide range of kVp.

Light-Weight Lead

Over 10% lighter than standard lead. Our light-weight lead provides protection equal to traditional lead aprons while providing an excellent reduction in weight.


Our lead free vinyl is 22% lighter than lead and 12% lighter than light lead. It is environmentally safe and can be disposed of through normal waste procedures.


Premier vinyl represents a breakthrough in core material technology. Premier is lead-free, over 30% lighter than lead and 10% lighter than our lead-free material. Premier is ideal for long procedures.


We proudly stand behind our radiation safety aprons with a full guarantee on defects related to workmanship and materials for one year following the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect or use in non-medical/intended uses.

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Back Relief Apron - Front Protection - AP-BR-ECON

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