In 1986, Ronald Parasmo, a licensed optician in the state of Florida, was approached with an unusual request to repair leaded eyewear. The glasses belonged to a doctor and were used as protection against ionizing radiation. Ron quickly found the required materials to fix the eyewear and repaired them like new. The gentleman who sent Ron the eyewear was so impressed with the quality of Ron’s work that he began referring additional jobs. As time went on, the demand for repairs on lead glasses grew rapidly. Ron sought out to begin producing his own line of radiation reducing eyewear as his primary focus, while also maintaining his optical background and formal education.

By 1991, Ron had improved upon existing radiation safety eyewear and developed his own line of protective eyewear. Working diligently, in the office and at home, Ron planted the seeds and nurtured the growth of his company through sales of this eyewear until, finally, in 1994 Protech was born. Due to his success with leaded eyewear, and realizing the potential of the radiation safety industry, Ron pursued other avenues of growth for Protech.

In 1997, Protech partnered with a glove manufacturer to develop one of the most popular gloves on the market today, the ProGuard Radiation Reducing Surgical Gloves. The following year, the gloves were brought to the market receiving FDA 510(k) approval and quickly rose to be the number one glove in the radiation safety industry worldwide; this success being attributed to the ProGuard glove’s high quality & tactile sensitivity.

Pursuing his commitment to high quality products, in 1999, Protech as an organization, gained ISO and CE certifications on the gloves and eyewear and successfully expanded its business to become a worldwide leader in personal radiation safety products.

In the early 2000s, with the success of the gloves and eyewear inspiring further growth, Protech partnered up with a large radiation safety company to begin supplying aprons. Shortly after, Protech developed a robust relationship with a leading manufacturer of high quality radiation attenuating materials which quickly progressed into Protech manufacturing its own apron line, and eventually obtaining CE and ISO certified on all of its products.

Fast-forward to 2014, and Protech is now one of the most recognized manufacturers of radiation safety products in the world noted for the quality of its product and fast turnaround times. Our full product range includes a variety of products to keep you adequately protected including: lightweight lead & non-lead aprons, leaded eyewear, radiation reducing surgical gloves, lead acrylic barriers and other protective accessories. Protech continues on its innovative path currently expanding on its leaded eyewear line to offer proper fitting lead glasses with a variety of brand name selections. In addition, we are developing new apron designs while also exploring new and exciting products to continue expanding and initiating further growth.

We have now begun to revitalize who we are. Protech is now the new Protech Medical Inc. We have moved our existing website to www.protechmed.com. Additionally, we have come out with the new ProGuard brand that encompasses all of our new and upcoming disposable protective products. All of this in an attempt to show you that we are moving forward and continuing our innovative path that makes Protech, Protech.

Our mission is to keep you safe by reducing your exposure to ionizing radiation and its harmful effects whilst offering lightweight and stylish solutions. Protech as an organization, as well as the team it employs, takes great pride in the quality of its products. Due to the influence and dedication that has been carried down over the last few decades Our entire staff understands the importance of the products we manufacture and how they contribute to your wellbeing. Our concern is, and will always be, your safety.

Protech Medical – Radiation Safety is just the Beginning.