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For the medical professional, exposure to radiation is a daily potential risk. Fortunately, you’ll find everything you need to protect yourself right here at Protech Medical.  We manufacture and customize a comprehensive range of lead protection products for medical personnel around the world. Our leaded aprons distribute weight efficiently to prevent fatigue and to support mobility, and are available in more than 61 colors, as well as in waterproof and LuxRay models. Our safety glasses feature frames from top designers and reflect our decades of expertise in lead glasses for radiology. We also offer padded mitts for positioning and radiation safety gloves suitable for highly tactile procedures.  For exceptional X-ray protection, choose Protech Medical.




10 9941 UltraLite - Blue

10 9941 UltraLite - Blue

$125.00 $250.00

13 Nike Poise - Crystal Grey
25 Petite Gunmetal w/ Side Shields
26 Modern Metal Gold w/ Side Shields
27 Petite Gold w/ Side Shields
3 Bebe Free Spirited - Shiny Black
33 Betty Jane Black White

33 Betty Jane Black White

$85.00 $150.00

34 Nike Grind - Black Red w/ AR