Apron Customization Options


When it comes to designing your perfect custom apron, Protech is #1. We have a number of add-ons for your apron that will improve your protection and comfort. Each customization is explained and illustrated below to ensure you make the right choices for you.


Apron Protective Sleeves

Apron Sleeves

Apron sleeves offer vital protection of vulnerable breast tissue exposed through the armpit area. Sleeves come standard in 0.25mm LE and can be sewn-in permanently or offered in our removable “Snap-on” option.

Apron Axillary Wings

Axillary Wings

Axillary wings are a protective flap sewn-in or “snapped-on” to your apron and offer vital protection to vulnerable breast tissue exposed through the armpit area. Protection levels will match your apron specifications.

Apron Side Extensions

Side Extensions

Side Extensions can provide an additional +2 inches of protection on both sides and provide important lateral protection. Protection levels will match your apron specifications.


Non-slip interior apron fabric

Non-slip Fabric

A high friction, anti slip fabric that is added to the back interior of your skirt or other key areas in different apron styles which reduces slippage and improves fit.

Coolguard Back Mesh

Coolguard Back Mesh

A ventilated mesh which allows for maximum airflow in the back panels of your frontal apron and helps keep you cool.

Apron Drop Shoulders

Drop Shoulders

Specialty velcro tabs which can be added to different apron styles allowing for easy removal of your apron to maintain sterile field.


Extra Apron Pocket

Extra Pocket

Need an extra pocket or two? Whether you need one on your skirt, inside your vest or even on your knees (yes, we did it), we can accommodate most requests. Shown above is a spacious L-shaped pocket which can be added to your skirt.

Removable Velcro Patch

Removable Velcro Patch

A customized, embroidered velcro patch which can be added to a specific area on your apron. Typical locations are on the pocket, above pocket, or to the left of your pocket.

LuxRay apron color blocking

LuxRay Patterns

Have your apron tailored to perfection with LuxRay's patterned accents on the apron sides, pocket and thyroid collar.

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