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Apron Fabric Colors

Protech is the #1 radiation safety manufacturer in premium, customized x-ray apparel. Choose from over 100+ fabrics with their own unique features. Protech’s nylon and ripstop materials are lightweight and come in several choices. Our extensive line of custom prints has an option for everyone and our durable, anti-microbial Satinguard comes in beautiful, long lasting color options.

    Fabric Features:
  • Over 100 Fabric Colors
  • Durable and Lightweight Nylons
  • Fluid and Stain Resistant Coolguard Fabrics
  • Satinguard Anti-microbial Fabrics

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Apron Sizing Reference

Measuring Your Apron

A well-fitting apron will make all the difference in the longevity of your apron (and your back!), so make sure you measure properly.

Frontal & Wrap Aprons

Frontal aprons and one-piece full wrap aprons are more forgiving when it comes to achieving the perfect fit. The most important aspect of measuring for these apron types is the chest and upper chest measurement to ensure all your curves are accounted for.

Two Piece Vest and Skirt Aprons

Two-piece aprons are more difficult to size properly. Each measurement criteria is important to achieving your perfect fitting apron! A 3’’+ overlap is key to ensuring when you bend over or maneuver there are no gaps between where the vest ends and the skirt begins.

Need clarity on how to measure your apron? Click the button below to view our step-by-step apron measuring guide.

Apron Sizing Charts

The perfect fitting radiation apron begins with properly measuring key areas of the body which includes the upper chest, chest, waist, and hips. It is important to note that men’s and women’s bodies come differently shaped. That is why Protech manufactures its high quality aprons in men’s, women’s, and pediatric sizes.

Instructions for Use

At Protech, our priority is ensuring you are satisfied with the radiation protection product you receive. More importantly, we want you to love your product and enjoy it for a long time. Below are useful instructions on how to properly use and care for your lead aprons, leaded eyewear, radiation attenuation gloves and more.

Eyewear Instructions for Use

Eyewear Instructions for Use

Apron Instructions for Use

Apron Instructions for Use

Gloves Instructions for Use

Glove Instructions for Use

Drapes Instructions for Use

Drapes Instructions for Use

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