For a family owned and operated business like Protech, our greatest asset is transparency. We are not scared to share what goes into making our exceptional radiation safety products. Below is a comprehensive list of test reports performed on a variety of Protech's light-weight, high quality x-ray protective apparel.

Apron Testing Image

Apron Core Material Testing

Protech is an industry leader in high quality x-ray protective products. It is our mission to educate healthcare professionals on the core material inside of their aprons. Our high quality core materials are used across a wide range of products such as our light-weight, lead aprons, thyroids and accessories, as well as our Scatterguard Drape products. The test reports below present fully transparent details on what our core material is composed of and how it protects you.

Want to get an idea of how much your apron will weigh? CLICK HERE to find out more about our core materials.

Lead Core Material Test Report

Standard Lead Test Report

Ultralite Lead Core Material Test Report

Ultralite Lead Test Report

Prolite Lead Free Core Material Test Report

Prolite Lead Free Test Report

Premier Lead Free Core Material Test Report

Premier Lead Free Test Report

Eyewear and Face Shield Testing image

Leaded Eyewear & X-ray Face-Shield Testing

To ensure optimal protection, all of Protech's eyewear and face shields conform to IEC and ASTM standards. You can find all of our eyewear testing below. When you're ready to buy, CLICK HERE to shop eyewear.

IEC Lens Test Report

2017 IEC Test Report

ASTM Test Report Lenses and Masks

2018 ASTM Test Report

IEC Test Report Lens and face Shield

2019 IEC Test Report

Barriers Testing image

Barrier Testing

Our acrylic barriers offer heavy duty protection against radiation. You can view our barrier's test report below or CLICK HERE to shop barriers.

Barrier IEC Test Report

2016 IEC Test Report

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