inSight Premium Illuminator

The inSight premium illuminator is designed with the latest EEFL technology (external electrode fluorescent lamp) offering you a x-ray medical device with a sumpremely even light surface. the illuminator's thin profile projects only 2 inches from the wall and is not offered in a recessed version.

The inSight x-ray viewing device is available as a single unit, two-in-one, or four-in-one with each panel accommodating up to one 14" x 17" x-ray.

The inSight illuminator features a rocker switch on the right side which can turn the viewing surface on and off as well as an auto switch function integrated into the film grip that turns the illuminator on when x-ray film is inserted.

All inSight illuminators work pm a 110v or 220v current and come with a 1 year warranty against all manufacturer defects. The inSight illuminator is trully a state-of-the-art medical imaging device.

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