Liberator Series

The Liberator illuminator series feature patented technology and offer hospitals a great way to view x-ray film. The film grip is attached to the plexiglass instead of to the body of the unit.

The Liberator illuminator's film grip is pre set, due to its attachment position, and cannot be disupted during installation. The grip/plexiglass assembly is held in place by magnets allowing easy access to the inside of the viewbox for easy bulb replacement and cleaning.

There are types belonging to the liberator series: the Liberator 4-bulb and the Liberator HiLo which features a 6 bulb/4 bulb switch. Both models can be wall mounted, recessed, or mounted on a mobile stand.

The Liberator Illuminator

Available in 12 stock sizes or custom sizing. The Liberator series standard illuminator offers four lamps per each 14" x 17" viewing area. This provides 5150 Candela per sq meter. For multi-tiered units, only 1-1/2" of dead space exist between the top and bottom viewing panels.

The Liberator standard illuminator is colored with a baked-on white polyester powder finish. It features film activated auto switches, a roller grip film retainer and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up. This illuminator also comes with an 8' line cord plus hospital grade plug.

The Liberator HiLo

Designed to offer two light intensities per each 14" by 17" viewing area. The Candela can be adjusted per sq meter with the push of a button. Hi/Lo settings are based on 7250 Candela (6 bulbs) on high, and 5150 (4 bulbs) on low. The Liberator HiLo illuminator is also available in 12 sizes or custom sizing.

The premium Liberator Hi-Lo illuminator features a 3-1/4" deep cabinet. It is colored with a baked-on white polyester powder finish and comes with a roller grip film retainer, film activated auto switches, and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up. Comes standard with an 8' line cord with hospital grade plug.

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