Mammoline Mammography Premium Illuminator

Measuring 48" long, 36" high, & 5" deep the Mammoline Mammography illuminator is our premium quality medical imaging device. Combining state-of-the-art lighting technology with ACR mandated masking shutters the Mammoline model offers superior x-ray film viewing.

The Mammoline Mammography illuminator can produces over 7600 Candela per sq meter. (ACR recommends a minimum of 3400 Mandela). The light output can be lowered by 270 Candela via a built in dimmer.

Unlike other viewers, the Mammoline x-ray film viewer disperses light evenly, eliminating "hot spots" due to its reflector design. Its ballasts are advanced energy efficient solid state units offering a flicker-free, instant on light. Its cooling system is also modified via a venting design that dissipates heat build-up.

The Mammoline illuminator's shutters are light proof and glide easily on two separate horizontal & vertical tracks. Additionally, gravity roller film grips provide easy film mounting. Using an E-Z bar mounting system, mounting the Mammoline is easier than ever. 

*Finish is a baked-on polyester powder coating

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